The EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter Review

The EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter Review

An energy efficient electric scooter which proves to be a great choice for use on an everyday basis. The high quality build and advanced features more than justify the higher price tag. This is our EcoReco M5 fast electric scooter review.

If you are looking for a commuting scooter with style, then you will not be disappointed with EcoReco M5. It is one of the most popular scooters featured on this website and for good reason.

The design itself is gorgeous. On purchase you can choose between the black or red color scheme. The black scheme is fairly low key while the red scheme adds an attractive flare.

Unlike many other adult electric scooters the EcoReco does not feel cheap, quite the opposite actually, every detail of the product speaks to its quality. This scooter has also been made to last with a durable build that has been designed to take a beating and still operate at the same high level.

The EcoReco is can be unfolded in no time, it’s comfortable to ride and easy to operate. Combine this ease or use with a handful of ultra-impressive specifications and you have a machine that is in contention to be the most desirable electric scooter available online.


EcoReco M5 specification breakdown

  • Top speed of 20mph. The fastest electric scooter we have come across online.
  • Around 30km per charge.
  • A 2-hour charge time.
  • 36 lbs in weight.
  • Front and rear suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Smart breaking system.
  • Back-lit LED display for day or night travel.


Fast Electric Scooter – The Pros and Cons



  • Top quality durability. With a top range frame made from aircraft quality aluminium steel. This is one bad-ass scooter which can take a lot of punishment before showing signs of wear and tear.
  • This is the fastest electric scooter we could find with a speed of up to 20mph. The high speed capabilities will be a positive for both those determined to get to work in the fastest and most convenient way possible or potentially those who would just describe themselves as speed junkies.
  • Aesthetically appealing with two color schemes giving the consumer the choice between a scooter that blends in or stands out depending on their preference.
  • Comes with a range of practical and safety features including the smart breaking, dual suspension and an LED display.



  • Heavier than many other scooters available. This might not be ideal and is something that should be considered carefully if portability is a major issue for you.
  • At over $1000 this is a high end scooter and may be out of your budget. With that being said, if you willing to spend more on a higher quality scooter. This would be the one to get.



A safe choice

Our favorable EcoReco fast electric scooter review is backed up by a whole host of positive customer reactions to this product. If you are prepared to splash out on a high quality product, then splash out of this one. This is an electric scooter which is more than capable of handling, daily, longer distance use with maintained top notch performance. If you are an urban commuter looking for reliable transport, the EcoReco really is the safest bet.



Thanks for reading our EcoReco M5 electric scooter review. At the time of writing there is a $200 discount being offered on the EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter. Get it by clicking here.

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