The Swagger Electric Scooter Review

The Swagger Electric Scooter Review

The Swagger is an electric scooter introduced by Swagtron, a manufacturer of various personal electric transport products. The Swagger is marketed on its portability as it is lightweight with easy folding capabilities but in reality the Swagger offers much more than just portability. It’s without a doubt one of the most incredible scooters we have come across and is our current recommended electric scooter for adults.

The Swagger really does have it all. A well-crafted design, impressive specifications and a budget price tag. If you want a good quality product at an affordable price then look no further.

In this review will cover the scooter’s specs, the pros and cons and then give an overview of the product. We have no doubt that you are going to be impressed by the Swagger Electric Scooter.

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Swagger Collapsible Electric Scooter – The Specs

  • 15-mph max speed. Average.
  • Amazing 1.5-hour charge time, by far best we have come across.
  • 17 miles or 27 km range per charge. Above average.
  • A strong frame capable of handling 250 lbs of weight. Making this a perfect choice for adults.
  • LED display. Displays important technical information including battery management.
  • Built in cruise control can be set at desired speed.
  • Lightweight at only 17 lbs.


See the full list of specifications here.


Pros and Cons of the Swagger Electric Scooter

After careful consideration we have come up with a list of advantages and disadvantages of the Swagger. They are listed below.



  • The best thing about the Swagger is undoubtedly the short charging time of only 1.5-hours. This is by far the fastest charge time currently offered by any electric scooter available to purchase online. For many people this factor alone will make the Swagger worthwhile considering as your new electric scooter.
  • A higher than average running range of around 17 miles or 27 kilometers. As we have already mentioned this is not the best we have seen but is higher than average and is an impressive feat for a scooter hovering around the budget price range.
  • Lightweight at 17lbs. Again, this is not the lightest we have seen but is still way over on the lighter side of average. Portability will not be a problem.
  • Speaking of portability, this scooter has been designed to be easily collapsible with one click fold capabilities and has removable handlebars for storage purposes. Not too shabby!
  • A sleek design with 3 stylish color choices to select from.
  • The budget price makes all of the above advantages all the more delicious.



  • Polarizing name and heavy branding. This is a small issue and one of personal taste but we do not like the product name or the Swagtron branding on the scooter frame itself.
  • Lacks some of the add-on features that many of the other scooters came with but you can’t really complain for the price you are paying.


Sounds good doesn’t it?

A whole list of pros and not too many cons at all. The Swagger has a lot going for it.

Let’s introduce the price shall we? At the time of reviewing the Swagger was available for only $399.99 on Amazon. What a bargain! Make sure the price hasn’t changed by clicking here.

If you are serious about buying a decent quality electric scooter at a discount price, then you should seriously be considering this one.

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Not liking this product?

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