The Emontek Electric Scooter Review

The Emontek Electric Scooter Review

Is the Emontek really the best electric scooter? Well, it’s lightweight and portable. Mix these two aspects of the Emontek Electric Scooter together and what do you get? Convenience. There’s no doubt that this scooter is special. It’s a great choice for those who want a scooter for everyday practical purposes.

This scooter meets or exceeds expectations in nearly every area of potential concern. So, should you purchase this scooter then? Well, that is less to do with the quality of the scooter and more to do with your personal requirements and tastes.

In this review will we look at this product in-depth and explain why this should be the scooter of choice for most people (at least at this moment in time). Of course, like everything else, the Emontek isn’t perfect and in this article the good and not so good aspects of the so-called best electric scooter will both be covered.


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Specification Breakdown


  • 15mph maximum speed. A standard for this price range.
  • 5” hub motor.
  • Over 500 cycle battery life span.
  • 4-hour charge time.
  • 18 miles or 29 km per charge. Far above the standard by most scooters in this price range.
  • 14lbs product weight (you won’t find much lighter than this.)
  • Carbon fibre frame.
  • Incredibly useful LED intelligent display.
  • A signature front light means this little guy can be taken out in the dark.


The Emontek Scooter has a lot going for it so for a full list of specifications and features please click here and refer to the list below the product price.


Pros and Cons for the Emontek Scooter



  • The Emontek scooter is the lightest we have found on the market. This combined with its simple folding ability makes it amazingly portable. A factor which is very useful in situations when riding the scooter may not be appropriate and you are forced to carry it by hand.
  • A thin carbon fiber frame is not just great news for portability and durability but also gives this scooter is slim, sleek and simplistic appearance. The Emontek really is easy on the eyes with its exclusive, designer feel (which can’t be said for every scooter available.)
  • One of the greatest things about the Emontek is the combination of a low 4-hour charge time and a high 29 km running range. These specs are exactly what you need from a product like this to make it a practical part of your everyday life.
  • The LED intelligent display is just more proof that the designers behind the Emontek Scooter were focused on making this product as simple and enjoyable to use as possible. All the important information right there when you need it.
  • Amazing value for money considering the quality of the product. Could easily be over the $1000 mark like many other high-end scooters and yet is currently on offer on Amazon for only $599.99. Yes, really! Check the price now.



  • It’s not expensive for what you are getting…but it’s still expensive. This is a con that could be applied to most  scooters with any real quality. They are new technology after all.
  • A 220 lbs weight capacity means that bigger, heavier people should think twice before using this product. You definitely don’t want to break it!
  • With a 15 mph maximum speed, it’s by no means going to win many races.


Is it really the best electric scooter?

The bottom line is that this may just be one of the all-round best electric scooter on the market.If you are searching for a high powered, speed scooter, look elsewhere. On a tight budget? Think about it carefully. If you are over 220 lbs, maybe lose some weight. But for everyone else. Go for it. Treat yourself. This is a good product to start adopting the scooter lifestyle.



The Emontek Electric Scooter is currently on offer. To get the latest discount, read all customer reviews and get the full list of specifications for this scooter click here now.

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Not liking this product? Take a look at some different scooter options.

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