Best Scooter Helmets for Adults and Kids

Best Scooter Helmets for Adults and Kids

Safety is an extremely important consideration when riding an electric scooter. These scooters often travel at high speeds and accidents can sometimes occur. You should always wear the appropriate protective gear when using a scooter. In this guide, we will be covering some of the safest and best scooter helmets available for both kids and adults so you or a loved one can enjoy your electric scooter worry free.

If you do not yet have a scooter, make sure to take a look at our selection of street legal electric scooters for adults before continuing with this article. Our guide contains some the most reputable electric scooters available online.


Best Scooter Helmet for Adults: Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Triple Eight’s helmet is the best scooter helmet available to purchase online at this moment in time.

This helmet provides reliable head protection for adults, it is certified and complies with road safety laws in the USA, Europe and Australia.

It is a great choice to use while riding an electric scooter but can also be used with other forms of transport such as cycling and skateboarding.

The fitted polystyrene interior helps to make this one of the most comfortable helmets out there. A vital consideration if you are planning to travel longer distances on your electric scooter. The wide range of size choices available makes it easy to find the right fit for you.

The streamlined design of this helmet is a mix of solid protection and an attractive appearance. The best of both worlds. One of our favourite aspects of Triple Eights product is also the vast selection of colors and printed design choices giving us a personalised purchasing experience.

With overwhelming positive customer reviews, this is the product you should consider first if you are looking for an all-round reliable helmet for adults. You can find the discounted helmet here.


Best Kids Helmet: Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

If you are looking to purchase a safety helmet for a child, then a better option for you is the Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet.

Razor is a trusted brand in the scooter and accessories market. Razor’s helmet had been designed specifically for children in the 8-14 age

range and comfortable fits head sizes from 21.5 to 23 inches. The helmet’s side buckles can easily be adjusted for children of different sizes.

The V-17 helmet quite righty focuses on safety above all else covering and protecting all critical areas on the head of a child. The impact absorbing design will take the brunt of an impact should an accident occur.

The interior padding is very well fitted and will be comfortable for the wearer. The top and side vents allow air access to the top of the head to avoid overheating on a hot day.

Razor’s V-17 youth helmet also comes in a variety of different color schemes which can be picked based on the child’s preference.

With all that said, we would strongly advise purchasing the Razor Youth Helmet (or a similar helmet) for a child who is using an electric scooter, skateboard or bike. You can find out more about Razor’s helmet by clicking here.


Alternate Scooter Helmet: The JBM Adult Helmet

Our alternate best scooter helmet pick is the JBM helmet. The JBM is a mix of the other two helmets featured above.

With a basic design, this helmet is lightweight and cool while also offering the same protective capabilities as Triple Eight’s helmet.

You can purchase the JBM Adult Helmet for a budget price on Amazon.