Best Electric Scooter for Adults – Top Picks 2018

As the best electric scooters for adults are becoming more advanced and affordable they are also rapidly increasing in popularity. With a variety of new manufacturers now entering the market, the future looks bright for the these nifty devices. The adult electric scooter could very well be the next evolution in efficient personal transport.

man on an adult electric scooter

These products are a great unknown to most people. It’s therefore easy to see why many shoppers who are looking to buy an electric scooter are struggling to find reliable information. As a result we have decided to lend a helping hand. We hope that the advice contained in this guide can help you make the wisest possible purchase decision.

On this page we overview the current best electric scooter options available for adults. Firstly, we will discuss the main features that you should be looking for in an electric scooter. This will vary from person to person depending on budget, requirements and even size. In addition, we will overview the main products available at this time and link to the full  reviews available on this website.


Top 5 Electric Scooters for Adults in 2017: Comparison Table

ProductItem WeightMax SpeedRunning Time (Per Charge)Charge TimeOur Rating
The Swagger

Swagger Electric Scooter
17 lbs15 mph17 miles1.5 hours4.5/5
The EcoReco M5

fast electric scooter
36 lbs> 20 mph20 miles2.5 hours4.5/5
The Inokim Quick-2 Myway

Inokim electric scooter review
31 lbs15 mph30 miles6 hours4/5
The Glion Dolly

Glion Dolly Cool Electric Scooter
27 lbs15 mph15 miles3.25 hours3.5/5
The Razor E300

cheap electric scooter
54 lbs15 mph10 miles12 hours2/5

*Our rating system is based upon overall the quality of the product and does not factor in price.


Expert Tips: How to find the best electric scooter for adults

There are five main considerations you should be making when deciding which adult electric motor scooter is right for you. They are as follows:

1. Aesthetics 

It’s easy to overlook how the product actually looks in favor of a more practical approach. However, keep in mind that you are going to be out in public on this thing!

Obviously, the preferred design of the scooter comes down to personal taste but we recommend a simple, low key style.

The majority of the scooters available at this time come in a range of colors to fit your style.

Also, be sure to take a note of the material used to construct the frame of the scooter. This is important from a visual and practical perspective. You don’t want the material to look cheap but also need to make sure that it’s comfortable and sturdy.

A final point to consider: does the scooter have folding design?

How easily does the scooter to fold? And does the product come with storage options? A bag maybe?


2. Size and Weight

The distinction between a scooter for adults and a scooter for kids is vital. This can be easily identified by using the product dimensions.

Obviously smaller people can get away with a smaller scooter (or even a child size) while taller people will probably need to look at the larger sizes.

The weight is also important as this will affect performance of the scooter and ease of transportation when you are not using it. As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the better.


3. Battery

This is probably most important technical consideration for most people. Electric scooters are battery powered and therefore need to be charged at regular intervals.

Before purchase be sure to identify both the charge time and running time of the scooter and assess these factors in relation to your personal usage needs.

Also keep in mind that in many of these products a variety batteries are available for usage. This can greatly affect the performance of the scooter.

If you are interested in learning more about the types of battery available, go to Electric Scooter Parts, a really helpful resource for maintaining an electric scooter.


4. Speed & Breaking

How fast do these things go?

The average electric scooter varies from around 15 km/h to 25 km/h in speed. The faster ones tend to be more expensive to purchase.

Consequently, you should base your speed decision on your personal usage needs. This includes, purchase purpose, travel distance and planned travel routes.

Also, make sure the suspension and break systems can keep up with the speed. Dual brakes and suspension are ideal.


5. Customer Reviews

Self-explanatory? Maybe. But important none the less. Most of these products are new to the market and therefore please be sure to check out the customer reviews on Amazon (or otherwise) before you make your purchase. These opinions and personal experiences will provide you with vital decision making criteria.


With all of those points covered, it’s time to move onto our top scooter picks. All of the following electric scooters for adults are street legal in both the US and the UK and are available to purchase online right now. Enjoy our list.


Adult Electric Scooter Recommendation: The Swagger

Lightweight, efficient and affordable. Don’t let the name put you off, this is a great scooter: It’s the Swagger!

  • This scooter has an incredible 1.5 hour charge time.
  • It’s lightweight, weighing in at 17 lbs.
  • But with super strong frame able to handle 250 lbs of weight (making it perfect for adults).
  • One click folding capabilities with removable handlebars.
  • Can travel 27 km per charge – above average range.
  • Simple, yet visually appealing design. Comes in three color choices.


This scooter is an absolute bargain. It is being offered for only $399.99 at the time of writing. Check current price.

With a budget price tag, an appealing design and impressive specifications. You really can’t go wrong with the Swagger. We would recommend this scooter to almost anyone looking for a reliable scooter which delivers in all areas.

This scooter would be the purchase of choice for us here at eScooterman and it’s for that reason we feel it might be the right choice for you too.

Read full review.

Fastest Electric Scooter: EcoReco M5 (High-End)

We would say that the EcoReco M5 is the overall best electric scooter for adults if price is a non-factor for you . It’s the perfect choice if you’re searching for top notch quality or just a high speed machine.

  • The fastest scooter reviewed here with a top speed of 20 mph.

  • Solid range distance at over 30 km per charge.
  • Short charge time under 3 hours.
  • Choice of two different stylish models (red & black).
  • Front and Rear suspension, smart breaking and night display.

The EcoReco on the high-end of the price spectrum but in our opinion this is a scooter which totally worth the extra dollars. You can often find a reduced price here. 

The EcoReco is defined by its high performance, durability and the attention to detail in its design. Its super fast speed and ease of use may very well make it our top choice for urban commuters.

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Long Distance Scooter: Inokim Quick-2 Myway (High-End)

This beast of a scooter has got the power, speed, durability and innovation but are you prepared to pay the price? It’s the: Inokim Quick-2 Myway Electric Scooter.


  • This scooter is fast with a top limit of around 25km/h
  • The use of a 18AH battery means that this device has an amazing running range of 40-50km. Far superior to anything else we have seen online.
  • There are a vast array of color choices on purchase.
  • Front and rear breaks to safely control acceleration and speed when needed.
  • An informative LCD display will add simplicity to your scooter use.


The Inokim Quick-2 is an amazing scooter but may leave a hole in your wallet. This is the most expensive scooter featured on our website at $1,550. However, sometimes this price can be found slightly reduced on Amazon. See current price. 

This scooter is impressive to say the least with a powerful design and a high top speed. The Inokim Quick-2 Myway really is the only option for you if you are looking the very best in quality and are prepared to invest in the scooter lifestyle.

Read full review.

 A Unique Electric Scooter : Glion Dolly (Mid-Range)

Inventive, practical and stylish. These are three reasons why we think this scooter is very cool.

It’s the: Glion Dolly !

If you want something slightly different with an emphasis on mobility, then keep reading. Some notable features of the Glion Dolly Scooter include:


  • A fully fold-able design with the option of turning the scooter into a roller bag suitcase for easier transportation when not in use.
  • Military tech airless tires for ultra-durability and performance on road.
  • Low 3 hour charging time with a better than average 25km running range.
  • Scooter rain cover and pedestrian bell are both included with the main products.


The Glion Dolly is a mid-range electric scooter with a current price tag of $799.00. Totally worth it for a product of this quality. The positive customer reviews on Amazon back this up. Check out the Glion electric scooter promotional videos to see for yourself.

We are very impressed with the Glion Dolly and we hope that you are too. It offers great all-round specifications for the main areas of interest as well as a variety of extra features which are exclusive to this product.

Read full review


Cheap Electric Scooter: Razor E300 (Budget)

If you are strapped for cash but are still determined to get your hands on an electric scooter, do not threat, there is an option for you!

And that option is: The Razor E300

This escooter has been designed specifically to be a cheap alternative to the high-end super scooters. Also, be aware that this is an electric scooter for adults and kids.

Some notable features are:

  • A high speed of up to 15 miles per hour just like many of its more expensive competitors.
  • A large number of color options to choose from with a branded plastic frame.
  • Large and heavy – making it use-able by adults but also more difficult to transport.
  • Twist grip acceleration control and break for safety on the road.
  • Unfortunately, the biggest setback of this product is a long 12 hour charging time and short 40-minute use.


The Razor E300 is inexpensive when compared to most other electric motor scooters for adults. It is currently selling on Amazon at $200.00, which should be in the range of affordability for most people. Click here to see if it’s still the same price.

However, please know that we would only advice you to purchase this scooter if you only plan on using it locally for short journeys. The extensive charge time and fast battery draining makes the Razor E300 practical for casual use only.

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The Emontek Electric Scooter

First of all, let us make it clear that this is a fantastic product at a reasonable price. This little gem is the perfect choice for the casual scooter user: it’s the Emontek!

  • A favored sleek minimalist design offered in two color choices.
  • An impressive 20-25 kilometers per charge.
  • A short charge time of only 4 hours.
  • Super lightweight and easily portable due to the use of a high quality carbon fiber frame.
  • Useful adjustable speed controls with an average top speed of 15 miles per hour.


The price for the Emontek was on offer at $599.99 at the time of writing. Click to check out the price now.

So this scooter isn’t the cheapest product available but it isn’t the most expensive either. The mid-range price tag is well worth paying for the quality and features you are getting here which easily outdo most of its competitors (even some of those more expensive options).

If you are looking for a portable and reliable scooter which doesn’t fall too far short in any particular area, then look no further. This one is for you.

Read full review

Are standing electric scooters safe?

As with any type of transportation, you need to use common sense to stay as safe as possible when out and about. Most pedestrians are still not yet accustomed to eScooters and therefore it is your role as the driver of the vehicle to act responsibility.

Check out this video put together by the Inokim team to promote scooter road safety and etiquette.

Most electric kick scooters for adults can reach a top speed of 15 mph and therefore accidents can occur. If you are interested in looking into the safety aspects further take a look at this study which reports on the safety of powered scooters.


We hope you enjoyed our guide containing a range of the best electric scooters for adults which are street legal and currently available for purchase online. Electric transport is the future and there’s no better way to discover the potential this new era of personal transport has to offer than with an eScooter. Be sure to check out the selection of full reviews for more information about each scooter.


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